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How can we get the Owner in email template after selecting the values from dynamic attribute in ARS?

New Contributor
New Contributor

We have created security System and endpoint for an disconnected application. Two dynamic attributes we have created under the endpoint, one is for list of Programs and another one is for Business unit which will be display after selecting the value  from the Programs. So, We have mapped the programs with Business Unit by using CSV file. We have uploaded the list of Programs as entitlement type and Business unit as entitlement values and we added the owner also. So In Dynamic attribute we are fetching the values from entitlements by using query. below is the query-

select entitlement_values.entitlement_value as ID from entitlement_values where entitlement_values.customproperty2=${Programs}

So, in ARS when we are selecting the value from Programs then based on the Programs the values of Business Unit getting populated. Now, as we are selecting the value from dynamic attributes So in email template the dynamic attribute's values are getting populated but not getting the owner. So is there any binding variable or any other solution by which we can get the owner?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Please elaborate on which owner ,you are looking to bind in the email template. What is the context of this owner with/in the account


What is purpose of keeping entitlements as dynamic attributes?

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @anamika ,

Why you have kept entitlement as a dynamic attribute? Instead of that, you can show entitlements directly on ARS, even you can filter based on the Programs value you selected.

Once you use entitlement directly instead of dynamic attribute in ARS, then you can get owner of that entitlement in email notification.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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