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Hide attribute based on requestor

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II


We are working on user creation & user update form. We have a requirement where we want to hide a attribute "SHOPID" on both forms if the customproperty8 of user is NULL or '', and show this attribute only when "SHOPID" has a value.

To implement this, i am trying to create two attribute, one attribute which will fetch cp8 value of user and hide the "SHOPID" attribute based on the result. Attching the screenshot of the parent attribute:

QUERY - select CASE when customproperty8 = '' or customproperty8 is null then 'SHOPUSER' else 'NA' END as ID from users where userkey = ${requestor}

ACTION STRING - SHOW###Shopid###shopuser___HIDE###Shopid###na




Below screenshot is for SHOPID :



But this is not working as expected and not hiding SHOPID attribute in any case, whether it is null or has a value.

Any input here would be helpful!!



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @prachi 

Thanks for reaching out to Saviynt forums.

From the attached screenshots, I can see you are using customproperty8 in the parent attribute query condition and you are also using the customproperty8 as user column in child attribute

So, at the time of parent attribute selection, the value of customproperty8 value will be null only since it is mapped to child attribute which is not yet selected. Could you please try once changing the user column in child attribute to some other cutomproperty.

Also, please share the full screenshots of parent and child attribute along with queries used in both value and default values field.


Dhruv Sharma