Enterprise Role - Entitlement Selection

New Contributor
New Contributor

Is it possible to surface an entitlement selection during an enterprise role request?  We'd like the ability to select a location for a specific endpoint when a user is going through the role request workflow.  Similar to how dynamic attributes / entitlement types function in a standard endpoint request.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @dahl 

You can use tags to filter enterprise roles on the request access screen. Tag-Based Search enables you to perform tag-based search across the following enterprise assets categorized based on the tags:

  • Endpoints

  • Enterprise Roles

  • Entitlements - Search for the endpoints, enterprise roles, and application collection containing matching entitlement value.

You can choose the available tags or search for a tag added for these enterprise assets and click Apply to perform a search across all enterprise assets based on the tags added. A possible set of results is immediately listed. 


For your requirement, you can store the location attribute in any of the custom properties of the respective object and configure the same to used for tag based search under Global Configurations -> Request


Hope this helps.