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Enhanced Query - Users table restriction

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This is with reference to Custom Query that will be deprecated in 23.9 version.  We have a situation where in we need to use the below mentioned query under Enhanced Query as there is a restriction of Users table.

O365 is not a not added as Birthright for NTT users. In case any of the NTT users require M365, then they can provision for the same.

If NTT user requires, then they will place a request for CoreLogic M365 Email to be provisioned. Once the request is placed and approved and provisioning job runs, there is NTT_DATA_USERS_CP24_UPDATE that has to run for CP24 field to be updated with 'O365' value.

NTT_DATA_USERS_CP24_UPDATE is scheduled to run every 30 minutes in PROD.

NTT_DATA_USERS_CP24_UPDATE is a custom query. As per version upgrade, custom queries will be deprecated and enahanced query has certain limitations and restrictions wherein we cannot use Users table.Is there a way to execute the below query under Enhanced query or can we execute this under S4S Connections.

update users u set u.CUSTOMPROPERTY24 ='O365' where (u.CUSTOMPROPERTY24 IS NULL OR u.CUSTOMPROPERTY24='') AND u.USERKEY in (select a.userkey from arstasks a where a.endpoint=50 AND a.SECURITYSYSTEM=10 AND a.STATUS in (1,2,3) AND a.TASKTYPE=3 AND a.TASKDATE >= DATE_sub(NOW() , INTERVAL 1 day)) AND u.CUSTOMER=4;


    • You don't need to convert existing query (update) to enhanced Query (select)  
    • Existing queries will work as it is.
    • Any enhancement to existing custom query job can't be done and need to be create new enhanced query job

    Custom Query block for existing job will become readonly / gray out.




    • Enhanced Query Execution 

      • Introduced the Enhanced Query Execution job to improve the overall system stability in the Saviynt environment. See Enhanced Query Execution Job. in v23.7 Version

    • Enhanced Query Execution Job

      Introduced a new Enhanced Query Execution job to address potential security issues and improve the overall stability of the system in the Saviynt environment. The following changes have been implemented as part of this enhancement:

      • Discontinued the Execute Extension Queries (CUSTOMQUERYJOB): The existing job instances of Execute Extension Queries (CUSTOMQUERYJOB) continue to run. However, no new instances of this job can be created, and any attempt to modify the existing instances of the job are prevented by the system.

      • Supported Operations: The new Enhanced Query Execution job contains guardrails to limit updates on selected objects and support the INSERT and UPDATE operations.

        For more information, see Job Categories for Flat Job Control Panel in the Enterprise Identity Cloud Administration Guide.


Rushikesh Vartak
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