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Duplicate Task Issue

New Contributor
New Contributor

We have two processes to craete disable account task(need to keep both process for business reason) - through actionable analytics and through user update rule.

Now, two process creates two disable account tasks as expected but while executing 1 task is showing "Duplicate Task" in the provisioning comments like below


The other task is showing "Enable/Disable not possible as another task is present with greater start date" like below 


And ultimately the disabled operation couldn't be completed.

Further I found that the task, which is created by the Analytics, is missing the startdate field


How to resolve this issue, any idea or suggestions?


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You can such duplicate tasks using actionable report with action reopen tasks


Rushikesh Vartak
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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hello @mahafujkhan1 ,

Can we try using this approach please :

1. In your analytics in which you've specified Disable Account as the Action, edit the query to have additional joins with the arstasks table to identify if for the given user there is already a Disable Account task which is present and not in Completed state, then you DO NOT generate the Disable Account task for such user.

2. In your User Update rule, modify it to specify the Advanced config instead of the basic one. Here also, you'll check if the given user is updated AND the given user is not having any open Disable Account task in the system. Then only create a Disable Account task.

This advanced query can be formed using the HQL syntax mentioned here - https://docs.saviyntcloud.com/bundle/KBAs/page/Content/Obtaining-the-attribute-details-from-tables-o...

Please note that the HQL equivalent of arstasks table is NOT mentioned in the above link. But, please try to use Arstasks (note capital A) as the HQL syntax. 

Kindly revert back with your test results.

Best Regards,