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Certification Extension

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hello Team,

We are on v2021 and we need to know if we can do certification extension in the current version. The validity of certification can that be extended on UI Directly?




As far I know there is not such feature to extend the certification expiry period after activating it.

I am not sure what is your use case around extend. If your use case is just to give some more time to certifiers so that they can complete the certifications then one way we achieved is

We are not running any job of type: Expire Attestation based on End Date (ATTESTATIONEXPIREDJOB) so that even after expiry period certification won't expire it just marks them as overdue. And our support team will manually follow up with respective certifiers to take necessary action and close the certifications.

Though this is not the ideal way to implement, We opted it just to overcome relaunching certifications only for expired items.

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @PB , 

From 2021.x and 5.5SP5.x versions, an edit button has been added to the campaign page which enables campaign owners to modify campaign enddate, remainder email templates and reminder intervals (only for the remainders which are not triggered).

Doc portal link:

Please be noted that when changing the end date, it would update the enddate on db to the selected date but time as 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss) in UTC, which would be a day less in US timezones. So on UI it would show a day less.

ex: If your current end date is 03-01-2023 13:00:00 and using edit if you change it to 03-08-2023, in db it would save the end date as 03-08-2023 00:00:00 (UTC) on UI, it would show as 03-07-2023 . However, it would expire only when you run the ATTESTATIONEXPIREDJOB as @sk mentioned. 

Please try the edit button and see if you're able to change the campaign end date.