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Saviynt Employee

Short Description

The connector are key module that integrates Saviynt with the target application. Following are the best practice to configure connectors to avoid issues and performance improvement.

Applicable version

All version unless specifically mentioned in the article

Detail best practice

  • Always configure the email in the connection, so that alert email is received on connection failure.
  • Always use fully qualified host name (FQDN) for the target application, instead of IP address. This will help in avoiding certificate related issues where certificate name does not match the host name provided in the connection. Note - in case you get unresolved hostname error then work with Saviynt support to configure DNS forwarding to resolve customer owned application hostname
  • Make sure to update appropriate value for accountThresholdValue as per the account transaction in the organization or based on requirement.
  • Leverage pagination if the target application exposed api/interface supports the same. This will help in better response time for the imports.
  • Leverage incremental configuration to be used for running incremental imports.
  • Leverage ConfigJSON to specify timeout and retries as per the target application. This will avoid the import job to get stuck.

Note - the timeout value can be based on following guidelines:

  • The response time from the target application  for a large transaction
  • Network latency
  • Any timeout imposed by customer network Firewall
  • Make sure to test the connection with production like data in pre-prod or UAT environment to avoid any production issues due to data.
  • If possible, try to performance test the connection production similar data load.
  • As a backup always keep the latest working copy of connection details for your reference.
  • Saviynt attributes used in Json are case sensitive, so make sure to use correct case
  • Instead of configuring complex Json that covers all kinds of use case, start creating connection configurations from least possible required config and then start adding more configs. Say for importing accounts start with accountid, accountname in the account attributes then start adding other attributes. As this will help to isolate the issues causing scenario

Key Benefit 

Better performance, easy to maintain and avoid issues/troubleshooting



As a part of suggestion can we have supported variables information icon besides various connection json?

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Good article 

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