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Client  have connected and disconnected applications , we are doing a user manager certification for those applications in Saviynt . so in each application there are multiple  roles(entitlements) and multiple permissions belong to each entitlement. The requirement is, in user manager camping certification before manager going to approve the access he needs to aware or an option to see the list of permission belongs to the  each entitlement in Saviynt then approve.  
As per our discussion  with client we conveyed our known facts that  above requirement is not possible in certification to show permissions of each entitlement , we need your support or help from Saviynt to confirm or enlighten us if there is any possibilities to take this forward .
1.) every entitlement will have 200-1000 permissions defined in target system , we need to bring that inside saviynt and map it accordingly to every entitlement .
2.) those are not entitlement properties they are like actual child entitlements corresponding to every entitlement .
3.) our requirement is when a manager is trying to approve the entitlement 1 he should be able to see all the permissions regard to the entitlement1 in access approval step2 page in certification.


In this case, using Entitlement Owner Campaign would meet your requirement. The Step 1 in User Manager Campaign will always to be to verify employment whether or not the person works for the respective manager and Step 2 will used to validate user's access (accounts, entitlements, roles etc). There is no option to show child entitlements in User Manager Campaign.


If you use Entitlement Owner Campaign, you would have option to show Child Entitlements and take action on those. Please refer below screenshot.




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