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Solarwinds Saviynt Connector

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hello Saviynt team,

We are trying to onboard solarwinds application and found that there is an out of the box connector available within Saviynt under design module. but we have few questions regarding the connector mentioned below:

1. When we click on view documentation, we are landed on Saviynt documentation homepage rather than the actual documentation for solarwinds connector.

2. Even when we navigated to documentation portal and manually searched for solarwinds, we were unable to find any documentation related to solarwinds application connector, does that mean this application is not supported by Saviynt out of the box ?

3. It is mentioned in the design module of solarwinds OOTB connector that update account, add access and remove access are not supported,  please confirm if this still holds true ?




Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't have any information other than what I can search for and find. Perhaps these may be helpful?



That is all I can find on Solarwinds. Hopefully someone else will reply who have implemented it on their systems and can provide you with further guidance.