Approval workflow for multiple entitlements request and External SOD evalution with SAP GRC.

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We have a requirement to perform External SOD Evaluation using SAP GRC and send only High SOD causing entitlement for approval and other non-high ones for provisioning.

We tried using 'externalSODViolation.High', however whole request with all entitlements goes for approval.

Is there a way to get the External SOD evaluation call response value in workflow to identity High SOD violation causing entitlement?

Has anyone been able to process/read the 'GRAC_IDM_RISK_WOUT_NO_SERVICES' web-service response in workflow?




Share workflow snip.

You should be able to do using below logic externalSODViolation.High > 0

Rushikesh Vartak
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We are using externalSODViolation.High > 0, however whole request goes for approval.

We have a requirement that when a request is raised with multiple entitlements then only High SOD causing entitlement should go for approval and non-high (medium, low) or no SOD causing entitlement should not go for approval. However with the use of externalSODViolation.High > 0, it's sending all the entitlements in the request for approval.

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We are seeing the external SODViolation with Rule ID, Risk Level in the approval/request details. What we want to do is use the data available in the External SOD Violation based on Rule ID/Risk Level, send route the approval appropriately.

Is there any other fields which can be used like externalSODViolation.RISK_LEVEL/externalSODViolation.RULEID