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General Availability of EIC 24.2

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

EIC 24.2 is now GA!

On behalf of Saviynt Labs, we are excited to announce the General Availability of EIC 24.2.

This release is focused on introducing some new features to enhance our EIC platform along with improving user experience with streamlined EIC configuration. 

Starting 24.2,  Administrators can now enable quick and seamless updates to the existing application instances for an application type when the latest version is available.

As part of our new unified navigation experience, we now have capability to review branding changes, including customization of themes, logos, or favicons. Additionally, we can now modify Saviynt product copyright information at the bottom of the navigation pane to align with your organization's branding.

With 24.2 release, we have introduced a framework that validates connector configurations and logs error details that help administrators troubleshoot the connection issue. This has been introduced for some configurations in the Active Directory, ADSI, and Azure AD connectors.

Please find some of the Release Notes for Version 24.2.

For questions related to customer deployments and scheduling,  please reach out to our Upgrade Team (updates-scheduling@saviynt.com). 

For any additional questions on releases , please refer to Saviynt Release Communication Page.