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Preventative SOD calculation for specific Risks

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

I would like to know if there is a way to configure Preventative SOD calculation (in the Request Access page) for selective set of risks.

We have SOD calculation enabled for a single ruleset from the SOD page and this ruleset has around 200+ risks configured. The endpoint is also configured in the external  config files.

The problem is that atleast in the current version of Saviynt for us (v23.8) the SOD calculation takes a lot of time and then the page times out. The data is huge. This is not a good user experience and we have been promised by Saviynt team that this will be improved in v24.1

But until then, the requirement is to get the SODs calculated, atleast for the top priority risks.

So out of the 200+ risks, the business has identified 8-10 risks that are necessary to be checked when a user requests via Saviynt.

Is there a way to enable the SOD calculation for selected risks?

In case this is not possible, we were thinking of configuring a similar ruleset with only those 8-10 high priority risks.

Is there an easy way to do this? 

Each risk has atleast 2 functions.. and each function has atleast 100-150 TCodes configured.

Exporting the complete ruleset and then manually preparing the excel sheet and then re-uploading is also a tedious job.

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Thanks & Regards,
Haardik Verma

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @haardik_verma,

The only way to mark the risk inactive, you cannot apply the filter.
You may refer the below document, which might help to achieve your use case.
For Ref: 


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