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Feasibility Check - Managing AD computer objects

Question:  We have a requirement to manager AD computer objects via Saviynt. Kindly confirm over the feasibility of below use cases via ADSI or AD connectors.    - Import of Computer Objects as accounts. - Provision Computer Objects into AD security...

sahil by Saviynt Employee
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Delete SalesForce Account via SalesForce Connector

QuestionWe're developing a SalesForce connector for the client and we want to know if there is a way to implement the functionality of delete account from Saviynt to the target application via SalesForce connector.Actually it looks there isn't a way ...

RakeshMG by Saviynt Employee
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Saviynt servicenow app errors on test connection

The Problem Statement:We are configuring the Saviynt IGA app in Service now and when running a test or saving the connection configuration, errors are generated but we receive a successfully connected to the ‘Saviynt Service’ message.Error - Not allo...

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 10.02.55 AM.png Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 10.03.23 AM.png
pruthvi_t by Saviynt Employee
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Active Directory Connection Failure

SymptomsActive Directory connection failure with error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested targetDiagnosisTh...

Campaign Stuck in Launching State

SymptomsCampaign not moving from Launching state to Preview / In progress state.DiagnosisThis issue can happen when there are multiple campaigns in progress or the campaign has large data for review.SolutionUpdate the ES timeout configuration to mini...

prasannta by Saviynt Employee
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Base accounts not included in the Campaign

SymptomsWe had a campaign with multiple applications configured. Base accounts were showing up for other applications, but we were not seeing base accounts for one particular endpoint in the campaign.DiagnosisThere is a config at the endpoint level w...

Passing Role Name dynamically in the JSON

QUESTION:   We have new application(Rest based) which needs to be integrated with SIGA.    Application Name - ABC   In this we have one requirement, while creating a user we need send an attribute called Role.    They have total 3 different values f...

Attribute Precedence for User Imports

SituationThis is an example situation for the solution below. The solution also applies to different situations.Let’s say you have workers that can have multiple working relationships with your organization. For example, employees and contingent work...

US by Saviynt Employee
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To remove ROLE_USER from external user

QuestionHi We need your assistance to remove "ROLE_USER" SAV role for all the external users. And also, in future this role should not be assigned to any users by default.  Please let us know where we can restrict this. AnswerYou can remove the role ...

Inquiry for modification of analytics report

Question -Is it possible in the analytics report to get start date and end date input from the user and then run analytics query based on the user date inputs? So, we can utilize these inputs to run an analytics query based on the selected time frame...

AzureAD Account Recon - Special Characters

QuestionWhen we run the AzureAD account recon, we are getting the following error for a user who has special characters in the DisplayName. What is the best way to handle it in Saviynt? It is not feasible to restrict the user to use only ASCII charac...

RakeshMG by Saviynt Employee
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Freshdesk API for Integration

Question We are trying to perform the POC for Freshdesk integration. Old Documentation Portal URL:  New Documentation Portal Link: - https://docs.saviy...

Extract Workday attributes using Hybrid connector

QuestionWe're trying to extract the ISO fields (below) in Workday as a part of user's record.The connector used is the Workday_Hybrid_Basic connector.  According to the guide, the syntax we're using is  "COUNTRY": "wd:Location_Country.wd:type:ISO_316...

RakeshMG by Saviynt Employee
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