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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Detailed Question: Using a DB connector, can you connect to SQL DB by authenticating against an AD service account provided the AD and DB are in the same domain and provided the service account is not present in the database?

Answer: Database connector uses JDBC driver to establish a connection to  JDBC-accessible relational databases. The pre-requisite to establish a connection to a Database is as below...

  • The service account that you want to use to connect to the target database has the necessary permissions on the database objects for performing the intended operations. These permissions depend on the queries used in the connector.

  • You have to place a copy of the appropriate third-party JDBC driver jar file in the lib folder to create a secured connection with a database. The third-party JDBC drivers for the supported databases are shipped with EIC and placed under Admin > Settings > File Directory. For more information on managing files, see Managing the External Jar Files in the Enterprise Identity Cloud Administration Guide

Saviynt Documentation Reference(Database Connector Guide v2021.x. Preparing for Integration): 

Additionally, you can also establish a secure connection over SSL. You can find the details in Setting Up a Secure Connection with the Database

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