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AD Import failure due to system errors like Deadlock, timeouts causes accounts to be Suspended. Because of connection timeout the import inferences number of accounts that are received from AD is way less than the # of total actual accounts.
This causes currently active accounts marked Deleted and in next successful Import a new entry is made in accounts and account_entitlements1 table.


For applications using OOB configuration under Endpoint this will cause accounts to be appearing as Out of Band (since arstaskkey under account_entitlements1 resets to NULL due to new entry) in reports which becomes a False Positive case.


During accounts import FULL, the job needs to be terminated with no action and respond as Connection timeout error on SAVRESPONSE, we need to include a configuration under connection> IMPORTJSON defined as:
{ 'envproperties' : {
'com.sun.jndi.ldap.connect.timeout': '10000',
'': '50000' } }

Additionally, You can configure a High-Availability Connection as described below, more details on

You can configure a high-availability connection to Active Directory. To support high-availability, the connector uses the domain controller (DC) locator process to locate an active domain controller. To leverage static domain controller locater feature, specify URLs of domain controllers as comma-separated values in the URL connection parameter of EIC. If the first DC is not active, EIC checks for the next available DC in the list. If the DC is active, EIC uses it for connecting to Active Directory. For more information, see DC Locator

Example: LDAPS://,LDAPS://,LDAPS://

Alternatively, use the Win-PS connector for dynamically discovering domain controllers. For more information, see the Win-PS Connector Guide.

There will be default time out settings added in all connectors out of the box in near future.

The new configurations have also been introduced in the latest versions (SP3.15 and v2022.0.2 onwards). 

List of connectionTimeoutConfig attributes:
1. connectionTimeout- Connection timeout in seconds for import and provisioning
2. readTimeout- Read timeout in seconds for import
3. writeTimeout- Read timeout in seconds for import for provisioning
4. retryWait - Initial time in seconds the connector will wait before retrying for import
5. retryCount- Maximum number of retries before failing the network call for import

Sample Json:

"connectionTimeoutConfig": {
"connectionTimeout": 10,
"readTimeout": 50,
"writeTimeout": 50,
"retryWait": 2,
"retryCount": 3

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