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Background: For an endpoint E1, there are multiple Application Roles (AR1, AR2, AR3 etc) configured. There is also separate E2 and E3 endpoint (Different security systems) with Ent1, Ent2, and Ent3 entitlements and Ent4,  Ent5, and Ent6 entitlements ...
Requirement: When you request an enterprise role and you have more than two user accounts in an endpoint. While requesting access to Enterprise Role you want a pop-up stating for which account the request will be submitted.Note: We don't want to prov...
Requirement: Select a dynamic attribute value in ARS and then based on the dynamic attribute some specific role should get displayed based on some logic.Is this requirement possible in 5.5 SP5 version? 
Can you use dataset_values in the correlation rule advance config to correlate the user account to user identity?If Yes, Could anyone please share some sample codes?Thanks,
Entitlment mapping for inactive active is not happeninig. Below is the account import JSON.Version: 5.5 SP5Below is accountimportJSON that I am using:{"accountParams": {"connection": "acctAuth","processingType": "SequentialAndIterative","statusAndThr...
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