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Hi Team,We want to understand about configuring the retention period for completed task queue. Right now, we have around 15 lacs completed task, so searching completed task queue is becoming difficult.Are there any documents about managing the comple...
Example 8: End users have manually run an elasticsearch based @analytics control and it is taking longer than expected to complete. Once the execution is completed, end users should be notified that their report is ready.To:${}Body:TestI ha...
Hi Team,We are using  role owner approval in step two of workflow. And in that workflow we have attached the email template to trigger the notification to all the approvers for that role. In To: field of the email template we are using variable To : ...
Hi Team,On the Run History, two columns say “Total conflict” and “Open Conflict”, Can we rename or remove them?    
Hi Team,Can we set the provisioning retry for specific task type(change password). The retry count that we set on security system works for all task types but we want to retry the change password task only once.Is there any config for it?? Thanks,
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