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Hi,For Entitlement Owner Campaign. I Would like to check is there any option to delegate the task in future in case of the PIC change or the PIC is long leave.Thank you
Hi,I would like to know if its possible to export workflow from dev and import into production?Thank you, 
Hi Team, I'm unable to remove account using POST method but able to remove the account using DELETE method. I need to use POST method because need to enable back the account after been disabled. Can you please help to check on this issue. Attached Re...
Hi Team,Im having a problem with User Update Rule - Account Termination, the user account cannot be deleted after user status change to inactive. Kindly assist me on this issue,Thank you,
Hi Team,May I know how we to manually hard code the value into the entitlement custom property, then in our JSON want to retrieve the value from the customproperty. You can refer to the below json and attached picture.Thank you,CreateAccountJSON :{"a...
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