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Hello,I have a situation where all my entitlements are imported through one endpoint. Those are Azure AD groups. I also have users from different companies in Saviynt which all needs access to same Azure AD, but with assignment of different entitleme...
I'm trying to import Azure AD groups with their respective owners into Saviynt.I have Azure AD Connector set up. Connector imports accounts normaly. Groups are also imported as entitlements with this ENTITLEMENT_ATTRIBUTE:"entitlementAttribute": {"AA...
I'm importing users from Azure AD with REST connector. All users in Azure AD have their manager assigned.On the import of users with REST connector, url https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/users?$select=attributes.... returns all attributes selected, bu...
I'm trying to implement REST connector to import users from Azure AD into Saviynt.REST connector is configured, and this is ImportUserJSON field:{"connection": "userAuth","url": "https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/users?$select=Id,userPrincipalName,acc...
I'm trying to use a simple filter when importing accounts from Azure AD with OOB connector.I want to import only accounts from certain company which is populated in companyName attribute in Azure AD.Filter is : startswith(companyName,'Company name') ...
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