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Hi All,We want to capture login attempts made to a particular URL and we are referring below u.username,u.firstname,u.lastname,ula.accesstime,ula.access_url from userlogin_access ula, userlogins ul,users u where ula.LOGINKEY=ul.LOGINKEY ...
Hi Team,We are using below CREATEACCOUNTJSON in our WINPS connector but we are getting erro while doing provisioning.{"CREATEACC":["script=\$pw = convertto-securestring '${PSSCRIPT_PASSWORD}' -asplaintext -force;\$mycred = new-object -typename System...
Hi,We have couple of enterprise role in place.Whenever we make request for that role, task is getting generated, but during provisioning, task gets errored out with below error.2022-12-21, 04:04 pmecm-worker{"log":"
Hi All,Can someone tell me why the OWNER attribute is having value as "admin" everytime in PENDING TASKS?Can it not be changed or vary according to some configurations?If yes, then how?Thanks!Sanket Bhandhari
Hi All, We are using stored procedure in database connector in place of query. We need to pass STATIC value as "Employee" in "Employeetype" attribute of Saviynt. Is it possible via adding that field in USERIMPORT mapping or do we need to have that va...
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