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Team,Below Connection JSON is not working-{  "authentications": {    "acctAuth": {      "authType": "Basic",      "url": "<URL>",      "httpMethod": "POST",      "httpParams": {},      "httpHeaders": {},      "httpContentType": "text/html",      "pro...
Hi Team,We have an endpoint for which Update account requests can be put in. Now we are facing an anomaly/issue where some of the requests are getting type 'Modify Account' which i don't think is valid -It is not valid as it is also not a request typ...
Hi Team,Does anyone know why Disable Account Task is appending "Manually Deleted"- This is not allowing Enable account task to work as the account name is not found
Team,I am working on REST Connector.To create an account, passing user's basic info in httpParams as shown below in Create Account JSON, But instead of picking the actual value it's passing the binding variable as it is. JSON-{"accountIdPath": "call1...
Hi All,Could anyone help me out with the creation of a connector to Oracle ADW? What kind of connector will work here? REST or DB based?Please note that oracle ADW is a cloud DB and has a URL to connect to instead of a IP.Please respond if more info ...
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