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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

The REST connector configured to integrate with target application is failing. Despite correctly configuring the JSON in the REST connector, the API calls are not functioning. The URL, HTTP parameters, credentials, and other settings in Saviynt and Postman are identical. However, the API works in Postman but not in Saviynt.









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The issue is caused because of the special characters present in the application API URL. These special characters needs to be replaced with corresponding ASCII characters before configuring in REST connector. Refer below example for details

Working Postman URL$filter=status in 'f','t'&user_id=SFAPI_IAM 



Corrected Saviynt URL to be used in REST connector$filter=status%20in%20%27f%27,%27t%27&user_id=SFAPI_IAM 

In the above URL,

Space is replaced with %20

Apostrophe is replaced with %27

You can reference the HTML ASCII code to all characters here ->

Which characters to encode?

Characters that require encoding are space, curly braces, apostrophes, double quote

If the API call is not working, it is worth encoding any character in the URL that is not a letter/number/underscore/colon/slash/ampersand/dot / equals / question mark/dollar sign/ comma and verifying if that resolves the issue.

For more information on REST connector refer document 

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