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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

We have 2 Technical rules with Different condition values for the same attribute. When condition 1 matches, Entitlement/Group A should be assigned. 

When the condition of the attribute defined in Rule changes, 2nd Tech Rule should be triggered. Entitlement/Group B should be assigned to the user and Remove access task should be submitted for Entitlement/Group A.


Detective option should be selected in the Technical Rule

Applicable Version(s)



We need to schedule a 'DetectiveProvisioningRulesJob' to ensure the Access can be removed in case the condition fails. You must create a job and schedule it.

ADMIN > Job Control Panel > Utility > Run Detective Rules and Take Action (DetectiveProvisioningRulesJob).

For Execute rules option, select 'Detective Technical Rules'

And for the Technical Rule Filter Query(HQL) you can define the value as

Here 295 is the id (HANARULEKEY) of the technical rule and in order to find this id value, you can use the below query in Data analyzer.

select HANARULEKEY from hanarule where NAME='Tech Rule Name'



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