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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

Facing issue under Admin -> Policies -> User Update Rules where 'Add Condition' option not working. When clicking on 'Add Condition' nothing happens.

Steps to replicate: 
> Login to Saviynt EIC
> Navigate to Admin > Identity Repository > Policies > User update Rule
> Create User Update Rule
> Put any condition, simple one: user  - statuskey - equals - 1 and 'Add condition' for another condition(any).
> Select some action and try to save it.
Additional Info: This functionality was working fine earlier.
Actual Result: User update rule not working as expected. Clicking on the tab not responsive.
Expected Result: User update rule should be created after putting the required condition or actions selected. We should be able to add different conditions to the rule.


Root Cause : Found some invalid definition of custom attributes.

Eg : Manager's Mail , Business Unit(Text)  


Errors : Checked debug logs and no errors found related to the issue faced. Check for the browser logs by shift+ctrl+i and try to find some index console errors that pointing to the root cause.


Applicable Version(s)




Fix : Corrected below custom attributes. Removed (') and (Text) values from below attributes,
Manager's Mail -> Manager Email
Business Unit(Text) -> Business Unit


Steps to the fix :


1.Navigate to Admin -> Settings -> User Interface Branding Configuration -> Managed Labels


2.Search for users.customproperty -> Click on the attribute label we are looking for and edit it -> Save Changes


3.Wait for some time and the attribute changes will be reflected in UI.


4.Open Identity Repository->Users and Open any user ->Other attributes-> Check whether the attribute change is reflected or not.


5.Check the add condition option under Policies->User Update Rules and observe it as working.


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‎06/26/2023 11:39 AM
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