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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case 

Users converted from contractor employee should be provisioned birthright access access as per employee and contractor access given as birthright access for contractor type should be removed.


  1. Same user record should be updated in saviynt when employee type changes from contractor to employee.
  2. User status should remain active in saviynt during conversion.

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To achieve this we need to create 2 technical rules and 1 user update rule. The solution is explained below by referring to an example and sample data.

Below are the technical rules:

1. Tech rule to assign BR Access to employees:


2. Tech rule to assign BR Access to contractor:

3. Create a user update rule to handle the scenario when employee type is updated from contractor to employee. 

The above 3 rules will help us achieving following:

When users are onboarding with below attributes

Then user say JWT910001 will get access to RTG App and CNTR RTG Role Access and user say JWT910002 will get RTG App and EMP RTG Access as per the technical rules respectively.
Now when we update the employee type (customproperty9) from contractor to employee in the feed as below:

Then it will trigger the user update rule and the will re-evaluate the users access as per the mentioned technical rules in the action. 

Then it will create 2 tasks , 1 to remove contractor role access (RTG CNTR RECORD) and 1 to add employee role access (RTG EMP ACCESS).

But removal tasks will be created only for entitlement and not accounts.

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