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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

An error is encountered while uploading a ruleset on the UI that reads "There were errors while uploading a ruleset e.g. “SOD EVALUATION JOB NOT CALCULATING PROPERLY”,

There might not be any errors at the backend, but while uploading the ruleset from UI, there were no errors.






SOD Evaluation completes successfully.

Although the job may complete successfully, the risks may not be calculated accurately due to incorrect values in functions, business processes, entitlements, and risks.


Applicable Version(s)

V.5.5X and Above



To ensure that your ruleset is uploaded correctly, you need to check the following things:

  1. The number of functions listed in the Function-Entitlements tab should match the count in the Functions tab.
  2. The number of Business Processes listed in the Function_Businessprocess should match the count in the Business Processes tab.
  3. Condition Position needs to be included in the Function_entitlements tab. To do this, you should start with 0 for the first entitlement and populate the next operator with the ‘or' operator. End with a blank value for the next operator and the maximum integer value for the condition position column.

Please refer to the attached screenshot for a better understanding of the third point.



PFA sample basic ruleset format for your reference.



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