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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Use Case

Customer wanted to add the new OU in the application name on the AD Group creation through the ‘Create New Role’ tile in the ARS page.




Need to have access to gsp file ( objectandpermission )

Applicable Version(s)

v5.5 sp.x


We can add the new OU details in the .gsp file from the following path in objectandpermission.gsp file. Please update the /opt/apache/apache-tomcat-8.5.29/webapps/ecm/web-inf/grails-app/views/roles/adgroup/objectandpermission.gsp file with new OU.

The following line needs to be added in the objectandpermission.gsp to add the new OU in the create new AD group page in the ARS.


"<!--<Adding OU groups"">-->
                <option value=""
OU=Cloud,OU=Groups,DC=rccad,DC=net"" ${rolesInstance?.customproperty24=='OU=Cloud,OU=Groups,DC=cad,DC=net'?'selected':''} >Cloud</option>


Note:  For EIC versions, if the gsp is not seeing from UI, you can add the gsp file in the external config file to display the gsp which is required.

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