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Re: User List -Campaign Reassignment

If this is Organization Owner Campaign or Application Owner Metadata Campaign  "Consult/Reassign User Query" is only available. This query will enable you to filter out the users in the Consultee list when an item is consulted. Where as in User Manag...

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Re: Docusign Admin API

Currently we don't have a documentation DocuAdmin API, but if these Api's can be called via postman then we can integrate and use the same documentation to onboard as a rest connector 

Re: Passing Role Name dynamically in the JSON

Assuming ABC Global Viewer,ABC Global Power User,ABC Global Admin are entitlements, You can try below"role":"${if(task?.entitlement_valueKey?.entitlement_value.contains('Viewer')){'ACCOUNT_VIEWER'} else if(task?.entitlement_valueKey?.entitlement_valu...

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