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Dynamic child attributes do not refresh in user update form

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I have a problem with child attributes in the user update form that you can set up in the global configurations under Identity Lifecycle. I already had a ticket with Saviynt, but they say this behavior is standard. However, end users would not expect it. 

We have an attribute called "division" as parent attribute. From there the user selects an office and expects that the address fields like street, postal code, city, etc. are populated based on a data set. 


In the user creation form it works fine. We just mapped all child attributes to the parent attribute division. However, if you want to edit an existing user, change the division attribute, the child attributes do not refresh with the new address. Saviynt told me that this is not intended since the attributes are already populated. Meaning, our use case of refreshing the attributes to a new value is not supported. 


Does anyone have the same use case? Any idea if it is possible to adjust the SQL query in the child attributes slightly to force the attribute to refresh with the new value in the division attribute? 



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