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Remove Query inside Custom Query Job through Enhanced Query

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


Current Version: 23.10
We have 300 entitlements for endpoint1 and we have a custom query job which adds mapped entitlements of endpoint2 to endpoint1 entitlements but now the configuration has changed. Now we need to remove the specific query inside the CUSTOM Query Job so that it won't update the mapped entitlements daily.

Inside custom query Job there are many update queries for different endpoints, but we cannot make the changes in the custom query job since we are in 2023.10 version and the custom query job is read only for us.

Help us on getting the below details:

1. what the table name and column that I can use to update the custom query through Enhanced Query Job.

2. Can you provide me the sample syntax, where we can update a specific query in CUSTOM QUERY JOB through Enhanced Query Job. (FYI, Not the sample query of Enhanced query job but the sample query of how we can form the custom query update inside Enhanced Query)




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