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Understanding end date for SAP roles

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II


I'm trying to wrap my head around the usage of end dates for entitlements in context of SAP and SAP roles.

We enabled "Ask For Start Date End Date While Request" for sap role entitlement type. If we request some SAP role, it gets correctly provisioned with a set end date. What I'm unclear about is, what happens when that end date is reached.

We observed that the SAP role stays connected to the SAP account in the target system. But it seems that the import to EIC is ignoring those entitlements with end date in the past, so it disappears from the account on EIC side. Is that observation correct?

No we have a problem with that behaviour. What we actually like to achieve is, that the SAP role is removed from the account altogether if it has expired. Is it possible to have EIC create an remove access task out of the box? I already thought about using analytics, but that won't work if the import removes those entitlements from DB.

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