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Option to change API Password for Service Account Owners/Pre Authorized users is not available

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In our use case we need to integrate applications to pull the password from Saviynt for that we are using Saviynt REST API method to achieve this. As part of this process Application team has to follow / make below three calls

  1. Authenticate with Saviynt
  2. Generate long lasting token
  3. Check Out the password

In this process service account owner/pre-authorized users has to do step#1 and step#2 and share the long lasting token to app team so that they configure their application to use that token and make an API call to check out(step#3) the password of service account.

Now the issue is to authenticate to Saviynt using REST API service account owner/ pre-authorized users need to set their API Password. But we don't see this option is getting visible to respective users even though we assigned required feature to respective Users Sav Role

We tried to provide feature: Reset_API_Password which has all required URLs but we still don't see any link or tile appeared on home screen.




We have another on-prem environment(v2020) where we have similar setup and there it looks like below


And below is the feature that is giving above view


Respective URLs of that feature


Also to show this tile we were suggested to make changes in UI-Track Microservices and below are the changes done to achieve this


Now being in SaaS Environment we not sure whether such changes are applied or not. If that is not supported in SaaS Environment/new versions then how do we achieve this so that we can let Service Account Owners/Pre-Authorized Users to set their API password so that they can authenticate themselves using API calls?



Enable tile on ars from create home options

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Regular Contributor

That option is not available in create home options.


As mentioned this is customization we did on on-prem environment which we are not sure if it is supported is SaaS version, If not what are the alternate options

options are still available on ARS


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Those are to change Service Account and User owned account password. But the option I am looking for is to set the User Saviynt Password which will be used for REST authentication