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Credentialless PAM for REST and SOAP Connector

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I underwent CPAM L100 and documentation of Saviynt but do not understand how to setup Credentialless PAM for REST based connector. The documentation talks about OOTB apps of Saviynt only.
Can anyone help me\? Also the REST system we want to connect would not change password during bootstrap


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@rituparna_pwc Thanks for posting your question. Please provide more details on what your target system is. Also, as mentioned in the feature support matrix article, Bootstrapping can only be performed on few target types. As of today, Bootstrapping is supported for Okta as a target which uses REST connector in EIC for integration. For all other target systems, we have to manually onboard the priv accounts. 


Nagesh K

@NageshK , our end system is SAP Ariba.