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"Error Occurred" popup while clicking on Campaign Config Entitlement Owner or selecting the type of the campaign as Entitlement Owner while creating the campaign

Issue: Getting a pop-up error occurred while clicking on Campaign Config Entitlement Owner or selecting the type of the campaign as Entitlement Owner while creating the campaign     Solution: This is a known issue in the 2022.0.0 version and we ...

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ND by Saviynt Employee
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Campaign Stuck in Launching State

SymptomsCampaign not moving from Launching state to Preview / In progress state.DiagnosisThis issue can happen when there are multiple campaigns in progress or the campaign has large data for review.SolutionUpdate the ES timeout configuration to mini...

prasannta by Saviynt Employee
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new Date() function not working in JSON

SymptomsAccounts are not getting created in target application and we see the below error messageDEBUG println.PrintlnToLogger - Println :: | Error Caused by: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unexpected character ('"' (code 34)): was ex...

sahil by Saviynt Employee
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ODBC support for DB Connectors

SymptomsQuestion : Can you please confirm if Saviynt supports ODBC connection?DiagnosisSolutionThis is possible using the db connection with JDBC-ODBC bridge driver. This is mentioned in the Database Connector documentation linked below. https://docs...

Best Practices for Analytics v2 Health

Over time, v2 Analytics results can build up and cause outages due lack of space on the Elasticsearch nodes that handle the v2 Analytics. In order to mitigate this risk, we recommend taking the following actions.Analytic Control SettingsWhen creating...

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Talon by Saviynt Employee
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Create Security System in CPAM

To create a security system, perform the following steps: Go to ADMIN > Identity Repository > Security Systems.The Security System List page is displayed.On the Security System tab, click the Actions arrow, and then select Create Security System.The...

Pravin by Saviynt Employee
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Attribute Precedence for User Imports

SituationThis is an example situation for the solution below. The solution also applies to different situations.Let’s say you have workers that can have multiple working relationships with your organization. For example, employees and contingent work...

US by Saviynt Employee
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Create Connection for CPAM

Connection refers to the configuration setup for connecting to target applications. You create connections by specifying the connection parameters. Because connection parameters are different for different connection types, connections are the subset...

Pravin by Saviynt Employee
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