Workday SOAP Connection - User Import Job failing

New Contributor
New Contributor

We are in saviynt v23.1 and configured the Workday connection following the Workday Connector guide 2.0 v23.x. Link -

Test connection was successful. But when we try to run the user import job, it is throwing following error,

Error - Error in USERS Import -
java.lang.Exception: Error while calling
AxisFault: faultCode:
validationError faultString: Validation error
occurred. Element not
e/ faultDetail: encoding="UTF-8"?><ns1:validation_fault
xmlns:ns1="urn:com.workday/bsvc"> <ns1:validation_
Error> Element not
e/ ></ns1:validation_

Have anyone faced this error before?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @rakesh_iam 

Can you please share the complete logs of the import job? It will help us understand the issue better.



New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi @prashantChauhan ,

The connections are working now. We were including <soapenv:Body> in the payload. After removing the soapenv:Body, we were able to fetch the information. But we have the following issues,

Manager: Manager information is present within the management-chain-data. The response has multiple occurrences of management-chain-data and the current manager is available as the last occurrence. How to obtain the last occurrence?

Phone Number: The Phone number is present as shown below,

<wd:ID wd:type="WID">ea8c4a1772070185cd58fe9e65079d2d</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="Phone_Device_Type_ID">Landline</wd:ID>
<wd:Usage_Data wd:Public="1">
<wd:Type_Data wd:Primary="1">
<wd:ID wd:type="WID">YYYYY</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="Communication_Usage_Type_ID">WORK</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="WID">YYYY</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type="Phone_ID">PHONE_REFERENCE-6-3790</wd:ID>

We would like to filter on the multiple objects within the Phone-Data - Phone_Device_Type_Reference equals to 'Landline' and Usage_Type equals to 'Work'. Could you please advice how to provide filters on multiple attributes.

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@rakesh_iam Getting the last occurrence of the management-chain-data when multiple occurrences of it are present is a known limitation of the Workday Connector. Please create a request in the Idea Portal for the same.

Regarding the filter on the multiple objects within the Phone-Data, let me check and get back to you.

One clarification I need is if you mean Communication_Usage_Type_ID by Usage_Type.

So the filter will be on Phone_Device_Type_Reference  and Communication_Usage_Type_ID?