While Importing Users, mapped an attribute to a custom property for already existing saviynt propert

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While Importing Users (Complete) in a DB connector, mapped a custom property for the "Middle Name" rather than using the existing Saviynt property for the same.

Can anyone please assist me on how to get this fixed.

Need to nullify the value which exist in custom property and update the same in "Middle Name" Saviynt property.

Thanks, Jayashree


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

I appreciate you reaching out to the Saviynt forums.

The table named "users" with columns  firstname, customproperty, and lastname, you can use the following SQL query to replace the values in the customproperty(customproperty that is mapped)  column with the values in the middlename column:

query:-UPDATE users SET customproperty = Middle Name;

You can use custom query job for this.

Hi Dixshant,

Thank you for your reply, my ask was different and above solution is the current mapping. 

Also, we have updated the user details & fixed it and updated the JSON as well so that Incremental Import will be updated with proper mapping.

I tried executing this query from Admin Function > Data Analyser but this says "OPERATION NOT ALLOWED"

You cant execute update query from Data Analyzer. As suggested earlier please use Custom Query Job.


Devang Gandhi
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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


I appreciate your update, however, I would like you to provide a detailed description of the steps that were taken from your end so that others may benefit as well


you want to make null on every time or on specific condition, You can make blank only using sql

Rushikesh Vartak
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Actually, instead of using the Saviynt property "Middle Name" we mapped it to a Custom Property and users got imported as well from DB.

So, we updated the values which was mapped in Custom Property to Middle name and then Nullified all the values mapped to that Custom Property & updated the Import JSON mapping accordingly by removing the old mapping i.e. "Custom Property - Middle Name"