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Which all connector types support CyberArk as vault?

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi All,

Which all connector types support CyberArk as vault? We wanted to extract service account credentials from CyberArk and inject it into AD/LDAP/REST/DB etc...connector types.

I was going through AD connector documentation which clearly states that AD connector supports vault connection for retrieving the password. But for other connector types, its not mentioned. If anyone in the forum has used any vault for any other connector type excluding AD then please confirm if its working.

Active Directory Integration Overview (

Appreciate your help on this matter.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @GauravJain,

CyberArk as vault is supported for any type of connector.

Note that you need to create a Vault connector first to be able to see the dropdown option "Vault Connector" on your other connectors.

You can then follow instructions using the below reference documentations :

Hope this helps !


Thanks @adriencosson for your revert. Yes, i have already followed given documentation but was just confused whether it will work for other connector types or not. Let me just give it a try in next couple of days and confirm. thanks.

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Regular Contributor

Any idea about following questions

what's true from the following statements in terms of Saviynt's vault implementation

  1. Does Saviynt store this static password somewhere in Saviynt in encrypted format and every time a connector needs this password, Saviynt will pull it internally without making a fresh request to Vault? If Saviynt stores password internally then where it does, how is it stored and for how long will it be available in Saviynt?
  2. Does Saviynt make a real-time request to fetch password from vault whenever its needed?
  3. If its real-time request then why vault connector can not pull new rotating password from vault?