What is hierarchy of CyberArk Entitlement once they imported in Saviynt IGA?

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After we import CyberArk entitlements objects ( Safes, groups and PrivilegeAccounts) , what is hierarchy among these ? I know that Safes are parent objects and PrivilegeAccounts cre child objects. What about groups and Safes relation ? Please explain. Thanks



I referred the link but it does not say who is parent and child in case of safe,PrvilegedAccounts and groups ?


if import is worked for you it must have brought mapping isnt it?

For us , we tried using Rest connector . Uisng Rest connector , it shows mapping between Safe and PrevilegedAccounts. But it is not showing any relation between safes and Groups. We need to discard the option of using Rest connector as it does not supports group membership.

We are trying file integration of CyberArk data . we need to know how heirarchy should be setup in files between safes and Groups and PreviledgeAccounts