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Validation conditions for Date type fields on Update User Form

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,


We have a requirement where we need to validate a condition which checks the ATTRIBUTE selected date has a particular day of the week.

Scenario1 : If Selected Attribute Date is 2024-01-05 (Jan 5th, 2024) which is FRIDAY then The Validation Condition should check this and allow the request creation.

Scenario2: If Selected Attribute Date is 2024-01-03 (Jan 5th, 2024) which is WEDNESDAY then The Validation Condition should check this and deny the request creation.

We have used below and doesnot work.

${SimpleDateFormat("EEE").format(MANStart) = 'Fri'}

${MANStart.getDay() = 5}


Hitesh Sapkota






Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @h_sapkota 

Please check the error in the logs. It seems this function might not be supported/correct one.

Also please try with == in equality condition

${MANStart.getDay() == 5}



Dhruv Sharma