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v23 Provisioning jobs running only in multi-trigger mode

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Team,

In the release notes for v23.1, we observed this item - "From this release, the provisioning jobs, WSRETRYJOB and BlockingWSRETRYJOB, are restricted to execute only in the multi-trigger mode. Therefore, the following existing configurations that were used to control the execution behaviour of these jobs in global configurations and file are not available from this release." 

Please help us understand the pros and cons of this enhancement which is being pushed to client environments.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @soumya_deep 

The provisioning jobs - WSRETRYJOB and BlockingWSRETRYJOB were by default executing in multi-trigger mode. This is the standard behavior for any new deployment, as properties values are set in a manner that these jobs always execute in multi-trigger mode. We had seen instances where unintended updates to these values were causing issues with provisioning. Hence this was made non-configurable.


1. Making these properties non-configurable ensures that no unintended changes are made to those properties.
2. Multi-trigger is the right way to execute jobs, as this ensures faster job execution.


None at this time.

Hope this answers your question.