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Using SAVCustomQuery in technical rules

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II


We have some users with '001#015#1' as customproperty12. 

We're making a technical which states:

If the users have '001#015#1' as customproperty12, we want to create an account and add access on an endpoint to the entitlement  with '015' as value in customproperty1. 



I have setup a test user with '001#015#1' as customproperty12 and an entitlement in the endpoint with '015' as value in customproperty1. 

When we setup the technical rule, we use the SAVCustomQuery in the action object: 

SAVCUSTOMQUERY::ev.customproperty1 = substring_index(substring_index(${user.customproperty12},'#',2),'#',-1)

Which should give access to the entitlement where '015' (of the user customproperty12) = '015' (of the entitlement customproperty1)

But this query does not grant access when we use a user update rule to execute this query. I've tested the technical rule without the custom query and this works fine.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Robbe_Cronos 

Please use the below string

SAVCUSTOMQUERY::ev.customproperty1= substring_index(substring_index('${user.customproperty12}','#',2),'#',-1)

You were not using single Quotes that should be the issue, If you would have checked the logs i believe you could have figured it out as well. 

Test this out and it should work, if not let me know




Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

I just tried this and it works! We did check the logs, but we couldn't find an actual error in there which suggested anything about quotes. 

Thank you!