Using Okta as HR source

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New Contributor

We are trying to setup our system to use Okta as our HR source. I am having difficulty finding any documentation that shows how to set this up though. I found mention of it on this page:

We have already setup a successful connection from our Dev EIC environment to our Dev Okta environment. Our connection is successful and we are able to import accounts and groups from Okta to Saviynt. I however cannot find how to actually use this connection to create Saviynt User accounts.

Does anyone have a link to documentation showing how to do this? Or if you have set this up before do you have any advice on what to do?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @AHuisman,

Please refer to the provided documentation and forum post for more comprehensive information regarding the issue at hand:

  1. Forum Post: "Okta User Import is Not Working Using Okta Connector" Link:

  2. Documentation: "Creating an Integration with Okta Connector in Saviynt" Link:

We kindly request your validation and let us know if further details are needed on this.