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New Contributor III

I have DISABLED a user through ONE-CLICK DISABLE, MOVED to OU &  RE-ENABLED it again.
After running the User Import via Connection job, the user status still shows Inactive in Saviynt
How to change the user status to ACTIVE in the Saviynt?
What are the JSONs I should focus on & what parameters are a must in the JSON?


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Valued Contributor II

Are you using AD connector for used import or any other connector?

If you are using AD connector share your USER_ATTRIBUTES and STATUSKEYJSON


Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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Hello @Saviynt_Savvy , I recommend you provide complete information so anyone can help you quickly. 

in user_attributes add: statuskey::userAccountControl#number,

and check. It should work. if not check for STATUS_THRESHOLD_CONFIG,STATUSKEYJSON. hope this is helpful.