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User is unable to action line items in Entitlement Owner campaign

New Contributor
New Contributor

I'm encountering a weird situation with the Entitlement Owner campaign where a user is not able to action a specific five entitlements in their certification. Of those five entitlements, all of them were reassigned to the current certifier by using the 'Does Not Belong To Me' option. I attempted to remove one of the entitlements from their queue by using the 'Does Not Belong To Me' option, reassigning it to a user without a certification in order to create an entirely new certification, and then reassigning that new certification back to certifier that has been having issues. They are still unable to action the line items. The mouse icon shows the red circle with a line through it. This user was able to action every other entitlement in their certification except for the five that were reassigned to him.

I noticed that when I went to select 'Belongs To Me' for one of the five entitlements, after I selected that option I was unable to select the same button again to reset the line item. In previous certifications I was able to select the same button multiple times with no issues.


  • Can You provide screenshot to visualize the issue ?
  • Check browser console logs
  • check audit logs for error

Rushikesh Vartak
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