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Use of FN_EIC_SEQGEN DB function in Dynamic Attributes for User Creation

New Contributor
New Contributor

Can we use FN_EIC_SEQGEN DB function in Dynamic Attributes for User Creation.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @PravinMahangade,

Use this (FN_EIC_SEQGEN)DB function to return a counter for user attributes (identifier) specified in advanced configuration of identity rules (System Username Generation, Email Generation, and Account Name) for auto-incrementing system usernames, email IDs, and account names generated by these rules. The DB function returns a unique number corresponding to a user-defined identifier.

This DB function works in conjunction with the SEQUENCE_GEN_MAPPING dataset provided by Saviynt, which contains two values: identifier and id. You can define identifier based on your requirements and use id to store the value of the counter every time the DB function is used. By default, the counter is set to 0. You can also specify a custom initial/starting value for the counter from Admin > Identity Repository > Datasets > SEQUENCE_GEN_MAPPING, and set the value for id in Dataset Values.

To use this DB function for storing the counter, specify the following in the Advanced Config query field:


For example, if you enter the query as concat(users.firstname,FN_EIC_SEQGEN('abc')) in advanced configuration of the System Username Generation Rule and create multiple users, you will notice that the system username values for these users are incremented by +1, such as username, username1, and username2. If you navigate to Admin > Identity Repository > Datasets > SEQUENCE_GEN_MAPPING > Dataset Values, you will find abc (the identifier specified in the query) and its corresponding id value that keeps incrementing based on the number of times the System Username Generation Rule has executed.

For Ref:- 


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