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Use Cases / Example Scenarios for Organization Types

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hello everybody,

we are currently exploring the organization feature and stumbled across the organization types:

  • Request Rules: If the newly created organization needs to be used for Request rule, select Request Rules type.
  • Data Security: If you want to use the newly created organization for data level security using the analytical control preventative type with entitlement update rule, select Data Security.
  • Grouping: The organization of type grouping are used to be able to associate a line item in function_objects to an organization of type "grouping".

Based on this short elaboration, a correct understanding on how and when to use which organization type was not possible.
Are there further example scenarios for understand the different types in a better way?

Thank you!


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @VicyB ,

How to use different organization types in Saviynt

Saviynt is an application that helps you manage access and security for your data and resources. Depending on your needs, you can use different types of organizations in Saviynt. Here are some examples:

Request Rules: These are the steps to perform various actions in Saviynt, such as creating rules for access requests, adding or removing entitlements, registering users, and setting conditions. You can find more details here: 

Data Security: This is an option to use analytical and preventive controls for data level security. You can select this option when you create a new organization and define data access policies based on user roles and entitlements. You can learn more here: 

Grouping: This is a way to group related entities together for easier management. For example, you can group applications or resources by department or business unit. This type of organization is used in Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) module. You can see more here: 

I hope this helps you understand how to use different organization types in Saviynt.

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