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Updating user attribute

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I need some help with the following requirement:

Whenever there is an update from import to user's customproperty5 (user's customproperty5 is updated with a null value), I need to set the user's email to null. I don't think we can achieve this via user update rule. Also, preprocessor in not an option for this as we are not importing email from that source.

So, would it be an analytics query? Could you help with this query?

Thank you.


Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi @NPY, did you give it a try using preprocessor?

You can match newuserdata with currenuser and update the the email field to blank if cp5 is null

Valued Contributor III
Valued Contributor III

@NPYWe can't update via analytic report.

1.Using any Saviynt Cloud DB connector? if Yes , write update script to update null cp5

2.We can update via API calls

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @NPY ,

We have similar requirement and we achieved it like below

  1. Create a user update rule and trigger when user is updated
  2. Have proper condition, (users.status=1 and customproperty5 is updated and customproperty5 is null)
  3. Action to trigger Update User Task - linked to Saviynt connection
  4. In Saviynt connection, under UpdateUserJson
  5. {"updateUserQry": [ "UPDATE users u SET u.mail is null WHERE u.customproperty5 IS NULL" ]}


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You can achieve this using preprocessor 

Rushikesh Vartak
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