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Ticket ID assigned to different tasks during Ticket creation.

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Regular Contributor

Hello All,

I have a Birthright scenario where an Onboarded User will get an Account and a few Access both.
We have configured a few Technical Rules, on satisfying the conditions in the rule, Saviynt will create both New Account and Add Access tasks as below.

Technical Rule     Tasks Generated
------------------      ------------------------

Tech Rule 1   -      New Account Task [1] & Add Access Task [5]
Tech Rule 2   -     New Account Task [1] & Add Access Task [4]
Tech Rule 3   -     New Account Task [1] & Add Access Task [1]

In CreateTicketJSON, I need to write a condition to Create the Ticket based on the Task Type.
I have observed that sometimes, the Ticket ID can be seen under the New Account Task, and sometimes under the Add Access Task.

Is this an expected behaviour, or is it possible to get the Ticket ID under the New Account Task only.

Thanks & Regards,



This is expected it will show random request type

Rushikesh Vartak
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