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Three tiers certifier

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi forum,

I have the requirement of implementing access review with three certifiers as:

  • First certifier performs attestation by choosing to retain or revoke user’s access.
  • Second certifier verifies the attestations.
  • Third certifier approves the attestations and submits to complete the access certification.

My first attempt was making the third certifier as the primary certifier while making the rest are secondary certifier. But what I observe is that once one of the secondary certifier finishes his access review, then the other secondary certifier won't see anything in his queue.

What could be the right approach to implement this. Could someone help me shed a light on?

Thank you.



@fuko I believe above requirement cannot be achieved.

Though you can try exploring Understanding Tiered Campaigns (

EIC provides Tiered Campaigns to address these important concerns. Tiered Campaigns enable you to sequence multiple reviews one after the other within the same certification campaign. 

Manish Kumar
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