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Templated Role Name with Remove Birthright Access if condition fails

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Our organization has a Technical Rule that assigns the role ${user.jobDescription} whenever the user's Job Description is updated, and uses the condition advanced query a.jobDescription IS NOT NULL. This is triggered by a User Update rule that monitors the job description field for changes.


Birthright, Remove Birthright Access if condition fails, and Detective are enabled on the Technical Rule; when the user's job description is changed (including to blank/null), the existing role is not revoked. Currently our staff must manually purge their previous role which is not ideal, especially in bulk updates.

Is this a known limitation of utilizing template rules? If so, what methods have others used as a workaround. Is there a way to reference the "Change Map" listed in the Execution Trail so we can trigger a deprovision task? There are ~500 job roles, which makes creating unique Technical Rules untenable.

We are currently on v24.3.



Create actionable analytics report with remove role action to achieve this

Rushikesh Vartak
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